Como Me Gusta means "How I Like It"; this started a long lived campaign that celebrates the typical ways rice is prepared in Puerto Rico and emphasized the importance of short grain rice within the culture. Written and produced by Anna McGuire, filmed by TriAngle Films, directed by Jochi Melero in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

This commercial was the second in the successful rebranding of Valencia Rice...the lyrics & commercial were written and produced by Anna McGuire, directed by Jochi Melero and represented continued market share growth for the brand. Cast and produced in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Barbara Mori is a very successful Mexican actress, particularly popular in daytime dramas.  The commercial was shot as an open camera testimonial. There was no script, just the honest expression of a well known beauty supporting the power of Pantene to promote curls.  Cast in Mexico, produced in Miami, Florida.

Bold has a difficult message to communicate...not just cleaning but softening too.  Written by Fabian Capecchi this spot incorporated animation and live action. Casting and location were perfect for communicating boarding school perils!  Produced with Paralela Films and Julia Pineiro. Directed by Lillian Lirio in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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This radio spot supported the newly opened Ace Hardware in a location which had been empty for a long time and was still associated with the previous occupant.  Written, recorded and performed by Anna McGuire Johndrow.

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