Streamlined Testimonial Recruitment

 Real People Make a Real Difference with Real Results
We just returned from a successful recruitment project where we used an innovative technique for streamlining the process of finding JUST the right people.

As anyone who has ever been involved in recruitment for testimonial advertising recognizes, the most crucial kingpin of the production process is finding the right people to capture for the camera...consumers or professionals who bring together the right experience plus the ability to express themselves in bright, engaging ways.

We combined social media and the Internet in an amazingly successful process that allowed us to target a precise consumer by gender, age group, habits and product usage BEFORE investing in face to face time.

We were able to hone in on EXACTLY the right consumers in all aspects other than delivery and then focus on identifying those with the right personality and vivaciousness.  In traditional recruitment a lot of time is consumed by filtering through a large number of individuals, eliminating those that don't meet the minimum requirements as defined by the strategic goals and THEN and only then, trying to identify the "stars".

An added benefit was the ability to capture data that the client has found exceptionally useful in planning future efforts.

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