Do you like late night TV?  Lately I've noticed a plethora of local advertising on the late night shows that I always try to stay awake for.  These spots have always been favored by the local market because the cost per spot is lower than prime time, but lately there seem to be fewer and fewer national spots and more and more local spots. 

While the screaming car salesman is still a leading figure for late night the production and creative values of many of the local productions seem to be on the rise. I attribute this to the growing accessibility of high definition cameras and desktop editing equipment.  Of course, accessibility is just the first step because even the most expensive equipment in the hands of total clods will result in horrible executions, but the talented who could not afford a $250,000 editing suite or even one hour of one can now aspire to pretty good quality off their home computer.  Some trash is the result but a lot of young entrepreneurial talent is being ushered into the big world of advertising production thanks to this shift in the marketplace.